Why Streetsmart?

We get it. Civic leaders struggle to find the evidence they need to evaluate and prioritize transportation investments. The research is scattered, time-consuming to find, and difficult to digest. We do all the work of synthesizing the research and presenting it in an intuitive and easy-to-use format, without compromising quality or rigor.

Civic leaders need to make the case for solutions that work best for their community, which sometimes requires defending innovation. Streetsmart reduces risk by providing the evidence and examples of what works in other communities. We’ve got your back.

Find success stories with key lessons learned in one easy-to-search place. Why re-invent the wheel? Streetsmart offers insight via case studies and guidebooks relevant to each topic area. Learn from others in the trenches, working on issues similar to yours.

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About Streetsmart

Streetsmart, an incorporated nonprofit organization, gives you the evidence and insight you need to prioritize, defend, and decide what transportation solutions works best in your community. Our proof-of-concept prototype is ready for your feedback. We’re building partnerships and pursuing research projects to build the beta version of Streetsmart.

Kelly Rodgers is the Executive Director of Streetsmart. Kelly has worked in the field of sustainable urbanism for nearly 20 years, combining her expertise in city planning and landscape architecture to develop creative and effective solutions to urban challenges. She is also a doctoral student at Portland State University. Get in touch with her at Kelly@thinkstreetsmart.org.

Streetsmart is possible because of the encouragement and wisdom of its board and advisors:


  • Denver Igarta, City of Portland, Oregon
  • Jessica Lord, formerly GitHub and Code for America
  • Garylnn Woodsong, Woodsong and Associates


  • Ed Christopher, Independent transportation consultant
  • Aaron Golub, Portland State University
  • Alex Joyce, Fregonese Associates
  • Nico Larco, University of Oregon
  • Andy Likuski, formerly Calthorpe Analytics
  • Deborah Salon, Arizona State University
  • Craig Toocheck, NACTO

Streetsmart was designed by the stellar team at Osage Orange, Elena Moon and Jos Vaught.


We are always looking for academic and practitioner collaborators to build and refine Streetsmart.

  • Do you or your students want to index the evidence? We’ve got a curriculum that is adaptable for your classroom.
  • Looking for a transportation internship or master’s project? Help us collect resources and case studies on a topic of your choosing.
  • Interested in partnering on research opportunities? Help us evaluate systematic reviews, translate the results, and identify best practices.

Talk to Kelly at Kelly@thinkstreetsmart.org to explore the opportunities.